Sunday, December 4, 2011

Assessments and Accommodations

Assessments are a crucial part of teacher accountability and an important method for teachers to better know the individualized help their learners need. Without assessing our students, teachers would simple be preaching, not teaching. It is important to we know where we can help our students improve or excel, and we can only do this through constant assessment. Along with these assessments will come the realization that some students struggle in unique ways, and in order for them to fully reach their potential and gain mastery of the material, accommodations are needed. I believe it is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that the student receives accommodations. These accommodations can run the gamut from simple test accommodations or from everyday curricular changes to better meet the students' needs.

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  1. Sarah, I love the graphic and it is absolutely a teacher's responsibility to make sure that necessary accommodations are in place in both learning and assessment. I would expand that responsibility as well to the IEP team in the planning phase. Basically, the IEP team needs to make sure that assessment accommodations are thought through, discussed and incorporated into the IEP when it is being written and reviewed. This is the only plan or documentation that will put a student in the position of being able to receive an accommodation when it comes to standardized testing. If its not on the IEP as a testing accommodation, then the teacher's hands are tied.