Sunday, October 9, 2011

Web 2.0 Tools and UDL

Edyburn points out in his article, "Would you recognize UDL if you saw it?" that it is not enough to simply use web 2.0 tools in your classroom and assume that you are, therefore, implementing UDL in an attempt to reach a group of diverse learners. The key is that UDL is considered in the blueprints, the original design of the web 2.0 tools. We must ask ourselves, are any of the web 2.0 tools we have learned about considering UDL in their blueprint design? To be honest, I am not so sure the designers were considering UDL in their creation of these tools. Yes, these tools are fun and a cool way to work collaboratively, but how do they reach a group of diverse learners? I can see how a tool like Prezi could be a helpful conversation tool for someone who is Deaf or hard of hearing, but what about for someone visually impaired? The same can be said for most of these tools; they are limiting to those visual impairments. I think that mostly these tools are a cool way to excite students; they present materials in a new, interactive, visually stimulating way, but just like Edyburn said, "it is a happy coincidence" that these stimulate educators, but not necessarily a UDL tool.

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